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Post Baby Boudoir


Post Baby Boudoir: Why There is More to Postpartum Than Changing Diapers Before I dive into this article, a disclaimer. I completely support the decision women take to devote their life to rearing their young. Yes, the grind can often get tedious but I have met ladies who are deliriously happy with the tasks that [...]

You Are Art


  Even though my life always seems crazy, the last 6 weeks have been a world wind. I’ve been missing here on the blog for some time and if you come here often and like to read my blogs, I must apologize. I often forget that I have daily, weekly and monthly viewers. As as [...]

June boudoir promotions


  Hey sexy ladies! Summer is finally here and it's time to heat things up with my June boudoir promotions for our annual June charity month!  First, we have a boudoir mini's event on the 24th!  We have 3 spots left! The session is $75 and includes a 30 min session with 2 high resolution retouched photos. That's [...]

Boudoir Shoot Must Haves


  The Often Forgotten Things That Matter So...you have taken the plunge. You are going to bare all in front of the camera and you have already made up your mind that you will love it! And don’t get me wrong, you most certainly will. In fact your first shoot is going to transform you [...]